Adelaide To Melbourne

Playground Map

Added by Suzette, August 19, 2005

Some playgrounds that are worth stopping at between Melbourne and Adelaide

This is a very nice park with a good range of equipment for all ages.
Havelock Street in Beaufort
This lovely new play structure is situated right in the middle of the Botanic Gardens overlooking the lake.
Vincent Street in Ararat
The wonderful trees are a great feature of this park.
Dimboola Rd (Western Hwy) and Wawunna Road in Horsham
This playground has standard but fun equipment including swings, spiral slide, clatter bridge, noughts and crosses panel and a motorbike and sidecar spring rider.
Firebrace and Bakers Streets in Horsham
Nhill is roughly halfway between Melbourne and Adelaide and a great place for a stop.
Western Hwy in Nhill
We stop at this playground everytime we travel to Adelaide, and at around 230km out of Adelaide, it's a good distance for a break for both kids and adults.
Dukes HWY in Keith
Disabled swing, all weather shelter, rubber softfall, separate toddler play area, pirate ship: this playground is perfect. And it's near a real bunyip.
Charles Sturt Dr in Murray Bridge
A great spot for all age kids, with good play equipment, and the lake has a nice path around it..
Florence St in Stawell