Perth Northern Suburbs

Playground Map

Added by GeeGee, April 22, 2011

Playgrounds that are located North of the River

All brand new equipment, HUGE play area, duck pond, plus massive open play oval for footy, kite flying etc...
Mawson Crescent in Hillarys
Lots of fun.
Pennistone St in Greenwood
Hillary's Boat Harbour
Good playground with the usual climbing frame and slides. Right on the beach with a safe bathing area for children..
Southside Drive in Sorrento
Opportunity Playspace
White sand underfoot. Lots of various, new and interesting play equipment. Large wooden climbing area with many slides. Areas suitable for toddlers a.
Scenic Drive in Wanneroo
Recently upgraded with new slides and climbing equipment. White sand for the kids to play in. BBQ facilities nearby. Right along bike path of Carine R.
Okely Road in Carine
Two playgrounds.
William St in Highgate
Great view of Scarborough Beach and particularly the sunsets late afternoon. Grab some fish and chips or a kebab while the kids play. Great climing wa.
Scarborough Beach Foreshore in Scarborough
There are two playgrounds with all the usual equipment - one smaller and great for little kids and one bigger and more suited to the bigger ones (alth.
Beechboro Road North in Whiteman
Lots of variety for all ages..
Weatherill Way in Noranda