Playgrounds in Keysborough, VIC

Playground Map
Great new park built in new housing estate will be great once trees grow a bit more over playground area.
Harlequin drive in Keysborough
Pencil Park
Park contains infant swing and car rocker.
Hidden Grove Boulevard in Keysborough
Good playground in a new estate, especially for older kids. Only 1 very large slide, pirate themed..
Somerfield Drive North in Keysborough
Beautiful & new playground in the suburbs but surrounded by nature. Has so much greenery & open space to play. Different areas that represent the different fauna & flora from each Australian state. Yo.
Woollahra Ave in Keysborough
The Ants Playground
Close to Springer leisure park, great for little kids, has nice sun shade but no toilet close by. Few tables around, lots of things to play on and has a big sand pit..
Lake Edge Dr in Keysborough

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