Point Walter Reserve (down the hill)

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Rating Of Playground added by melissa, May 4, 2011

This playground has toilets, is suitable for toddlers, has sun shade, has car parking


Honour Ave
Bicton, WA, 6157


Excellent playground location. We came for a picnic and spent six hours here in the shade of the Norfolk Island Pines.

The playground is good for kids 3-12 or thereabouts, good quality equipment, mostly able to handle the numbers of kids it gets on holidays. Surfacing is the rubber stuff so it can get hot around the edges, but all the playground equipment and most of the space is well shaded the whole day with shade sails so there was never a problem with the playground itself being too hot.

There is a cafe right next to the playground, and the cafe toilets (which are customer-only) are outside facing the playground. Public toilets for non-cafe patrons are on the far side of the cafe, past the open-arch showers - out of sight of the playground but still quite close. There is also a kiosk on the far side of the cafe that sells take-away drinks and food.

There is a drinking water fountain nearby, plenty of picnic space (though no tables or benches), car parking, a jetty, small river beaches to wade at or dig in the sand on and of course the Point Walter Spit runs a few hundred metres out into the river if you have children of an age to walk out to the end and back (we collected half a zillion shells and a crab claw, and got to watch an osprey bathing and hunting fish!).

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