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Rating Of Playground added by Suzette, March 19, 2017

This playground is fenced, has toilets, is suitable for toddlers, is suitable for all abilities, has seats, has tables, has a BBQ, has car parking, is near a bikepath


Aitken Blvd
Craigieburn, VIC, 3064


We really thought we'd seen it all. But no, we hadn't! Livvi's Place inclusive playspaces keep raising the bar and Craigieburn locals are the latest lucky ones.

This beautifully designed playground actually looks like a sculpture park. The play elements are all gorgeous and invite you to touch and twirl and bong and slide and swing.

We love the polished concrete slides, which won't get as hot as metal or plastic. We loved the neat, new swings. We loved the water pump where the kids got creative in working out how to build up the pressure in the pump until it exploded all over them! And we really loved the wacky animal talking tubes.

There are musical elements dotted all through the park including an Australia-shaped xylophone, organ-type pipes that vibrate as well as make fabulous "bonging" sounds, and deck bells to stomp on, on your way to the tunnel.

There is a beautiful sculpted friendship chair than invites you to sit on it and talk to someone new. But look behind the chair and there are slot-car tracks curving through the rocks! Super, super cool.

The cubby is awesome, the rope climber is amazing, the dry creek bed with logs drawing you through is lovely.

And as always, since this is a Livvi's Place, there are toilets (changing places), it is fully fenced (in fact double gated), there are chairs, tables and BBQ and the beautiful tile wall as painted by local kids.

I've just about run out of adjectives, so I'll stop now. Congratulations to everyone involved in bringing this fabulous creation to life.

Rating of 5 Review by Suzette, March 19, 2017

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