Cull Park

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Rating Of Playground added by Tiki, January 23, 2016

This playground has toilets, is suitable for toddlers, has seats, has tables, has car parking, is near a bikepath


Campbell Rd x Bathurst St
Mira Mar, WA, 6330
-35.013919, 117.894415


Also to be noted is an awesome free family program called "Play in the Park" which happens here every Tuesday and Friday 10am - 12noon. Government funded and run by YMCA WA.

All are welcome, especially if you are new to Albany with children under school age. See you at the park!

Cheers Jamie (I oversee the sessions)

Rating of 4 Review by jamie, February 16, 2017

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Excellent little playground for toddlers and smalls. Recommended for ages 0-8. Most of the equipment is small-sized, including the fort and climbing frames, which are accessible by a step-ladder for kids who are not fully ladder-enabled yet. The slide is low enough for a parent to easily lift their child to the top of it over and over again. There is also a Dippy the Dinosaur slide, which is step-accessed and highly crawler- and toddler-suitable. There is a range of low-level and ground-based play stuff including a sand-sculpture bench.

The park has an off-street parking lot (off Bathurst St), toilets, a drinking fountain, a gazebo shelter with benches. There is no installed shade (not often an issue in Albany). Its main flaw is that there is a wetlands space in the park which has no fence or true barrier, but it does have a limestone edging and extended native landscaping around it to form a visual barrier so that runners and bolters don't head straight in. There is a gourmet delicatessen that serves takeaway coffee and snacks over the road, not quite in sight of the playground space.

The park borders a house used for filming one of the TV series based on Tim Winton's works.

Rating of 4 Review by Tiki, January 23, 2016

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