Carawatha Park

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Rating Of Playground added by Tiki, February 20, 2015

This playground has toilets, is suitable for toddlers, has seats, has tables, has a BBQ, has car parking, is near a bikepath


10 Archibald St
Willagee, WA, 6156
-32.052929, 115.813810


So diverse great for all ages!! Lots of shade & gazebos for parties. Awesome nature playground, half basketball court, footy goals & space for cricket & coffee shop straight across the street. A true hidden gem!!

Rating of 3 Review by Kate, December 31, 2016

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Great sensory play area for many ages. Lots of open shades space to sit back and watch the kids. Parking is at a premium when busy but areas on the verge for overflow. Definitely recommended.

Rating of 3 Review by Brad, April 15, 2015

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This playground is really well designed and put together. It is a nature-play adventure playground with open sports spaces, suitable for the whole family from 0 upwards.

The park includes the nature-play-style playground with climbing fort, stone slide and log/webbing climb, areas of large rocks and logs, a grass lawn area with a set of AFL footy goalposts, a basketball ring, an adult fitness equipment trail and skateboard/scooter/bike hardware. It has picnic tables at adult size and kid size plus plenty of good lawn for picnicking, drinking fountain, a BBQ, Exeloo toilet, car parking, and there is a mini-mart across the road which I believe does takeaway food and coffee.

There are several wide paved paths looping through it, suitable for bikes and scooters. The playground is separated by the wide paths from areas more likely to be used by older kids. The skateboard/bike "furniture" is built into and around some of the paths.

The park has no shade sails. There are currently several existing large shade trees, and the playground climbing fort (and its rubber matting - the only rubber in the park) is placed in the permanent shade of one of these. There are many many more plants and trees planted with a great deal of apparent thought put into tree choice - there are fruit trees, flowering trees, colours and textures of leaf and shape and size. It will be amazing to see in three or four years as the trees and fruiting plants come into their own.

Rating of 5 Review by Tiki, February 20, 2015

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