Hays Paddock

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Rating Of Playground added by Suzette, October 21, 2004

This playground is fenced, has toilets, is suitable for toddlers, has sun shade, is suitable for all abilities, has seats, has tables, has a BBQ, has car parking, is near a bikepath, has a Bushland theme, and has the following special equipment "Swing with harness, double-width slide, extra wide see-saw, hammock, spider's web trampoline and more."


Longstaff Street
Kew East, VIC, 3102
Enter Leason Street from Kilby Road, turn into Longstaff Street and enter the driveway to the carpark. The entrance is well signposted from Kilby Road.


Fantastic playground. Spent a very happy morning there with two toddlers - lots of variety and everything cleverly designed to accommodate a range of skills and ages. One of the best we've seen in Melbourne!

Rating of 3 Review by Anita, April 17, 2017

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This is one of the best playgrounds I've found in the East. It's got heaps of equipment for younger aged kids and has a few grass areas on the side for you to pull out a picnic blanket. Wheelchair friendly too. It's fully gated as well. There is surrounding parkland so if the kids want to bring a soccer ball or play some cricket it's in the same vicinity as well.

Rating of 5 Review by Quyen, October 10, 2015

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My favourite playground to take the kids. Best for kids from babes to junior primary.

Rating of 3 Review by Erin, January 18, 2015

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Child's reviewI thought yep ok i will go, but one thing I noticed is that it is for younger kids between the ages of 0 to 7. I watched my brother play while I sat around.

Rating of 2 Review by Brianna, October 4, 2012

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Awesome! Kids 1.5 - 6 years loved every minute :)

Rating of 5 Review by kristy, January 20, 2012

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It is great ... BUT ONLY if you have children under 7 yrs. Took my 12 yr old step daughter there and she unfortunately was bored very quickly, but usually loves playgrounds. Really great for 7 yrs and under.

Rating of 2 Review by Zana, December 29, 2011

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Our favourite playground in the eastern suburbs. Truly meets its objectives of being accessible for all abilities. It is always packed but there is so much equipment that it is never over-crowded.

Rating of 5 Review by Scott, October 15, 2011

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"A huge and safe place for kids of all ages"

Rating of 5 Review by Daniel, October 10, 2010

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Very impressive playground. My 3yo enjoyed it and I will surely go there again. Plently of shaded areas, perfect for sunny days. Located in a quiet neighbourhood.

Rating of 4 Review by Nabs, January 10, 2009

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I love this playground as does my little girl. There is so much to do, discover, explore and enjoy. Our favourite playground we have discovered thus far.

Rating of 5 Review by Claire, January 6, 2005

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Hays Paddock is the grand pinnacle of playgrounds; they simply don't come better than this. The playground was designed to fill the need for a play environment where disabled and able-bodied children can play together. It has been hugely successful since its creation in 1998, as proven by the busloads of children that regularly arrived from all around Melbourne.

Great attention has been paid to every detail in this hugely innovative playground. The play equipment has been cleverly placed around existing trees, and subsequent plantings of hardy shrubs, grasses and ground covers create a playground that not only merges beautifully with the surrounding environment, but also creates many more play opportunities for the children. Rubber turf paths weave in and out of pockets of native shrubs and trees and each copse has benches to sit on tucked underneath the canopy of the surrounding trees. Signs with drawings suggesting things to do and places to look are dotted throughout the playground and are repeated in braille.

Hays Paddock contains a huge variety of equipment to play on. There are the regular slides, swings and ride-on bouncers, but that is all that is regular. An extra-wide see-saw means kids can sit side-by-side, as they can on the double-width slide. There is a hammock to rock and bounce on, a spider's web trampoline that is overseen by a huge redback spider painted on the rubber turf, and a ring of toadstools to jump on or leap-frog over.

The sandpit is most impressive and is protected from the sun by two huge super-sails. There is a collection of tall, short, wide and narrow pipes that make for quite an orchestral sound when there are a few kids 'bonging' them together. There is also a row of musical tubes which invite banging along a ramp leading up to a tree house-style lookout where the surrounding parklands and billabong can be seen.

Chairs and benches are spaced throughout the playground, although some of these are in full sun at all times of day. There is a barbecue with more tables and chairs just next to the playground, overseeing the billabong. Dogs can run leash-free in the parklands and sports grounds and there is a large toilet block with a separate baby change room. The large carpark is adequate during the week, but typically overflows into the surrounding streets on sunny weekends. A short bike path runs from Hays Paddock to nearby Stradbroke Park.

Quite certainly this is the most well designed playground that I have ever seen.

Rating of 5 Review by Suzette, October 21, 2004

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