Curtis Park

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Rating Of Playground added by Kerrie-Ann, July 11, 2012

This playground is suitable for toddlers, has sun shade, has tables, has a BBQ, has car parking, is near a bikepath


Dumaresq St
Armidale, NSW, 2350


This park has several playground areas spread out over a large grass area. There is however a creek running through the park which divides the area making it awkward to get to different areas as you need to walk all the way around on the bike/walk path to get to the other side. The main playground (on Dumaresq St) has shade cover but the other playgrounds on the other side of the creek (on Kirkwood St)are not shaded. There is a fenced Liberty swing located near the playground. There are slides, swings and spinnas and the soft fall is rubber.

Rating of 3 Review by Kerrie-Ann, July 11, 2012

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