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Rating Of Playground added by Suzette, February 19, 2005

This playground has toilets, is suitable for toddlers, has sun shade, has seats, has tables, has a BBQ, has car parking, and has the following special equipment "Tray Carriages"


Dukes HWY
Keith, SA, 5267
On service road.


Great playground. Rollercoaster adds some interest for older kids. Change table in disabled toilets. Bbq, band stand for rainy days. Main play area under shade cloth. Main highway is fenced although kids can access carpark/ slip road.

Rating of 3 Review by Joanna, April 14, 2017

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We loved this park especially the carriage way. Had a bit of trouble finding it as it's a little further along Dukes Hwy (towards Adelaide) than the marker indicates.

Rating of 5 Review by Julie, December 22, 2011

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This is a beautiful little park and an ideal stop over when traveling, we have 3 small boys and they loved it. The best part is that it has a little bit of the old school fun mixed with the new. These little towns are great when traveling long distances.

Rating of 4 Review by Juz, June 15, 2011

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We visited this park two years ago and my kids still talk about it! The 'rollercoaster' there made a BIG impression. On one hand, I can't fathom how the rollercoaster is truly safe - there are exposed moving parts and the whole thing does zip along quickly. On the other hand, the whole set-up is so exciting and so different that it is impossible to deny your kids a turn. Really good fun (an plan a long stop in Keith!)

Rating of 4 Review by Kate, April 15, 2011

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We stop at this playground everytime we travel to Adelaide, and at around 230km out of Adelaide, it's a good distance for a break for both kids and adults.

The main attraction is a single railway upon which three little trays to sit on run. The carriages gradually gain speed as they approach the middle of the track, and then slow down as they approach the end. Kids always seem so eager to get on this that they cooperate and organise themselves to take turns more than I've ever seen in a group of strangers before. One word of warning: I definitely wouldn't try it with toddlers under two (we did) and only under threes if they are pretty fearless. The first trip is a bit scary!

There is a compact play unit with quite a lot of attractions underneath a great sail that provides total shade - pretty necessary in this hot, dry part of the country. Spring riders, sand pit and a cubby house with a slide complete the play equipment.

There is a big rotunda for lunches, a barbecue, tables and chairs and neat toilets. Really a lovely park.

Rating of 4 Review by Suzette, February 19, 2005

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